Welcome To Solid Oak

Solid Oak, Inc. is passionate about jewelry and crafts! We design, produce, and market trendy do-it-yourself products that appeal to novice crafters and experts alike. Solid Oak draws creative inspiration from all over the world to be a premier supplier of beads and jewelry parts.

Our goal is simple—to produce affordable, reliably stylish, high-quality items for designers and artisans to choose and use in all of their fashion crafting endeavors.
Chris Servidio and Steve Lord founded Solid Oak in October of 2008. Together, they offer over 50 years of business experience and knowledge in crafts, jewelry, and toys. Solid Oak is backed by design-based talent with decades of jewelry-making and crafts experience. The result is a uniquely positioned, flexible and responsive group providing do-it-yourself jewelry makers with ever-growing choices in distinctive design elements.
We are headquartered in southern New England, with offices and warehouse in the coastal town of Westerly, RI in the United States.

Honesty and Integrity
We do what we say we will do. If we make a mistake, we fix it.

Value and Quality
We design and sell appealing items at a fair price. Our products are safe for use as designed.

Our manufacturing partners provide clean, safe work environments and decent living wages. Our packaging is minimal, and recyclable. Our team members all participate in working to better the local community.

We see ourselves as partners with our customers and our suppliers, nurturing relationships for mutual success.

We like what we do, and we have fun doing it. We endeavor to create products that people will enjoy!

Where to Buy?

Solid Oak is primarily a trade supplier.
We sell directly to qualified wholesale customers – retailers and distributors – of all sizes, all over the world. Click here to learn more.

Solid Oak Team

Our founders: Chris Servidio and Steve Lord. Or, if you prefer, Steve Lord and Chris Servidio. It doesn’t matter, because these two guys are a team from the get-go. Which one serves as President on a given day can depend on who wants to take a call.

Chris Servidio (Sir-VID-e-o)
Chris Servidio (Sir-VID-e-o)Vice President, Operations
Chris is (AKA Lamont) the business mastermind of Solid Oak. He makes sure numbers add up, and that orders are filled accurately and on time. He keeps us sensible. Chris is the one with the very neat workspace. A lifelong resident of Westerly, RI (except the year he studied in Italy!), Chris is husband to dance teacher Lisa, and father to three amazing young women. He stays fit by shooting hoops with friends.
Steve Lord (Lord, or Loawd if you have a Rhode Island accent)
Steve Lord (Lord, or Loawd if you have a Rhode Island accent)Vice President, Marketing
Steve (AKA Homer) is the product mastermind of Solid Oak. He has an amazing ability to discern trends, and to evolve and translate them into unique product lines for the DIY artisan, and more recently for RTW jewelry with great style and affordable quality. He bridges the areas of design and sales with a unique talent and perspective. He’s happily married to Kathleen, is the proud father of three grown kids, and is a delighted grandfather to young Sid. He and Kathleen are devoted to their beloved pets, and are active advocates and practitioners of animal rescue and pet adoption.
Sandy Niles (Niles, not Neels)
Sandy Niles (Niles, not Neels)Creative Wizard
If you can see something from Solid Oak, chances are that Sandy (AKA Cone) had something to do with it. From product design and development to packages, catalogs, writing, sample-making, illustrations and instructions, signs, and product photography, Sandy either does it, helps to do it, or makes sure it gets done. A bit of a freak of nature, she is that rare creature who earned an art degree, and actually has a career in art. Her family includes husband Don for over 34 years, plus two grown kids and three grandkids, a wonderful mom, awesome two siblings and their kids, the Chorus of Westerly and the Choir of Christ Church, Westerly.

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