Making personalized jewelry has never been easier! Indi-Pendants are picture frame pendants, bracelets, and rings. Choose your own image, or select from our curated artwork collections. Glue the picture to the domed glass cover (cabochon), let it dry, trim the edges, and affix to the pendant using the included sticky dots. The array of styles, shapes, and sizes in gleaming imitation silver or antiqued gold provide a selection second to none.

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Quick how-to for 1-2-3 personalized, Indi-pendants jewelry

Solid Oak makes it easy for wholesale buyers as well as consumers to select from among our carefully chosen and packaged components. Do-it-yourself designers and artisans appreciate the great selection and the flexibility of small put-ups. Retailers appreciate our pricing, our attractive (and recyclable!) packaging, and great service. Customers at all levels appreciate the Solid Oak commitment to design excellence.

**Colors and styles may vary, although we do our best to present accurate images and descriptions. Availability is subject to change. Please contact us with any specific questions.

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